Today In Cardinals Athletics

Good day for Louisville Athletics as the 19th-Ranked Men’s Tennis team took down Indiana 6-1.

“Indiana came in with a lot of energy and confidence after winning their last five matches in a row and moving up in the rankings,” said U of L head coach Rex Ecarma. “We knew we had a battle ahead of us. Our players responded by winning the doubles point with Alejandro Calligari and Robert Rotaru closing one of their many doubles points this year.”

The Softball team (27-3) oddly enough also beat Indiana 6-1 yesterday evening as hurler Kristen Wadwell took the win and the and Sophomore Chelsea Bemis went 3 for 4 with two doubles.  The Cardinals are currently ranked 14th in the country.

Last but certainly not least, the Baseball team squeaked by Western Kentucky earlier today as second baseman Adam Duvall went 2 for 4 at the plate with 4 RBI’s.  Junior Chris Dominguez scored a run but didn’t have any hits as his hit streak ended at 15. Gavin Logsdon picked up his second win of the season in 1 2/3 innings pitched.  Logsdon picked up two strikeouts and allowed no runs.

Check out the official website of UofL Athletics at for the most up to date coverage and more.

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