It’s Official: Calapari to Kentucky

John Calapari has accepted the job as the coach of the University of Kentucky. I can’t think of many coaches that I hate more (other than Tom Izzo right now).  I’m not surprised, I’m a little bit scared though, I have to admit.  The man can flat out recruit.  The Overtime Show pointed out that if Calapari were to bring some of his new Memphis recruits to Kentucky, they will be one of the most stacked teams in the country next year.  That is if they can manage to keep some of Billy G’s recruits as well.

If Calapari can manage to lure DeMarcus Cousins, Xavier Henry and John Wall to with him to Kentucky, as well as keep Daniel Orton and John Hood, just imagine how good they are going to be next year.  Crap.

Calapari recieved an eight-year, $35 million offer from UK, making him the richest man in college basketball.

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