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More All Hail UofL Awards

I don’t condone violence but I forgot to add something…

AHUL All Punching Girls Team

G – Eric Devendorf
G – Eric Devendorf
F – Eric Devendorf
F – Eric Devendorf
C – Eric Devendorf 

Syracuse Devendorf Basketball

All Hail UofL Big East Basketball Awards

AHUL First Team Big East

G – Jonny Flynn – Syracuse
G – Scottie Reynolds – Villanova
F – Terrence Williams – Louisville
F – DeJuan Blair – Pittsburgh
F – Luke Harangody – Notre Dame

AHUL Second Team Big East

G – Levance Fields – Pittsburgh
G – Jerel McNeal – Marquette
F  – Sam Young – Pittsburgh
F – Jeff Adrien – Connecticut
F  – Hasheem Thabeet – Connecticut

AHUL Third Team Big East

G – AJ Price – Connecticut
G – Jeremy Hazell – Seton Hall
F – Da’Sean Butler – West Virginia
F – Earl Clark – Louisville
F – Dante Cunningham – Villanova

AHUL Fourth Team Big East

G – Wesley Matthews – Marquette
G – Eric Devendorf – Syracuse
G – Jerome Dyson – Connecticut
G – Alex Ruoff – West Virginia
F – Lazar Hayward – Marquette

AHUL Freshman Big East

G – Mike Rosario – Rutgers
F – Devin Ebanks – West Virginia
F – Yancy Gates – Cincinnati
F – Greg Monroe – Georgetown
F – Samardo Samuels – Louisville 

AHUL Most Outstanding Player

Pittsburgh Providence Basketball
Dejuan Blair – Pittsburgh

AHUL Most Valuable Player (to his team)

Terrence Williams – Louisville

AHUL Newcomer of the Year

Greg Monroe – Georgetown

AHUL Coach of the Year

Jay Wright – Villanova

This Has Nothing to do With Sports…

You know, I’ve written other blogs, All Hail UofL is not my first one.  Just so you understand the mindset of a blogger.  Some of us feel like huge dorks browsing the internet all day looking for the stories and news so we can update YOU on your favorite team or player.  Some of our posts are funny, some of our posts are informative and some of our posts can sometimes be downright bad/worthless.  But just know, readers, sports fans and fellow bloggers, we will never have anything on scanwich.com.   It has a firm grasp on the world of sandwich blogging.  It’s a monopoly and a truly innovative method on making me really, really hungry even at odd hours of the morning.

I can’t let this opportunity fly by, which Is why I present to you the All Hail UofL Scanwich of the week.  That’s right, every week I will pick a sandwich to present to you as well as further promote a truly scanwich.com’s truly democratic idea of providing you with “Scans of sandwiches for education and delight.”  This my friends, is what makes America (and democracy) great.  The right to choose your own sandwich.

And I now present to you the first ever All Hail UofL Scanwich of the week!

Drumroll Please…

Coming to you straight from Mooncake Foods in SoHo, New York City.  It’s Lobster and Lettuce on Buttered Garlic Bread!!!!