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Pitino Gives Us Some Closure

Coach Pitino gave us a little insight into what happened in the Michigan State game, and gave us a little bit to look forward to next year.  Pitino said “We’re going to be a very young basketball team next year, but we’ve got a lot of experience in certain areas,” which is my outlook on the team exactly.  We might be deeper and better at guard next year, but we’re going to be young everywhere else, we’ll even have some youngsters getting a lot of playing time at guard.  Pitino also spoke of putting Samardo Samuels seeing more playing time at the power forward position, which is one of the things I thought we might see next year.  Pitino also adressed another prediction I made, that Reggie Delk will play a much bigger role and will see a lot of time at the three position.  He’s a bit taller than the other guards, he’ll make an excellent wing.  All in all, we really should be a pretty good team next year.

As far as any rumors about Pitino leaving.  Pitino said he was just “too damn old” for anybody to care about him anymore.  While this was said in jest (because we know everyone would still love to have Rick Pitino on their sideline), Pitino did follow that up with saying that he’s in a very “unique” situation in Louisville (speaking a lot of his good relationship with the media) and said that he’s very comfortable here.

I couldn’t get the video embedded so you can check out the press conference here.