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All Hail UofL Big East Basketball Awards

AHUL First Team Big East

G – Jonny Flynn – Syracuse
G – Scottie Reynolds – Villanova
F – Terrence Williams – Louisville
F – DeJuan Blair – Pittsburgh
F – Luke Harangody – Notre Dame

AHUL Second Team Big East

G – Levance Fields – Pittsburgh
G – Jerel McNeal – Marquette
F  – Sam Young – Pittsburgh
F – Jeff Adrien – Connecticut
F  – Hasheem Thabeet – Connecticut

AHUL Third Team Big East

G – AJ Price – Connecticut
G – Jeremy Hazell – Seton Hall
F – Da’Sean Butler – West Virginia
F – Earl Clark – Louisville
F – Dante Cunningham – Villanova

AHUL Fourth Team Big East

G – Wesley Matthews – Marquette
G – Eric Devendorf – Syracuse
G – Jerome Dyson – Connecticut
G – Alex Ruoff – West Virginia
F – Lazar Hayward – Marquette

AHUL Freshman Big East

G – Mike Rosario – Rutgers
F – Devin Ebanks – West Virginia
F – Yancy Gates – Cincinnati
F – Greg Monroe – Georgetown
F – Samardo Samuels – Louisville 

AHUL Most Outstanding Player

Pittsburgh Providence Basketball
Dejuan Blair – Pittsburgh

AHUL Most Valuable Player (to his team)

Terrence Williams – Louisville

AHUL Newcomer of the Year

Greg Monroe – Georgetown

AHUL Coach of the Year

Jay Wright – Villanova

What are we going to look like next year?


Peyton Siva will more than likely be the starting Point Guard for the Cardinals next year

Peyton Siva will more than likely be the starting Point Guard for the Cardinals next year

I still don’t even want to think about basketball.  At the same time, it’s hard to not be excited for next year.  We lose a lot, but we also have some very good players coming back.  We’ll still be deep at the guard position, if not even deeper than this year.  We’ll be extremely thin in frontcourt though and God only knows what we’re going to do at  the three position.  We’ll also have a very small amount of experience down low as we will be primarily playing 3 sophomores and a freshman. We might be best suited to start three guards instead of using someone in a more traditional small forward role.

With Terrence Williams, Earl Clark, Andre McGee and even Will Scott leaving, there are some big shoes left to fill.  Really big shoes.  But, our full court press might be better than ever.

Some Possible Starting Lineups…

G- Edgar Sosa
G- Jerry Smith
G- Preston Knowles
F- Terrence Jennings
F-  Samardo Samuels

G – Peyton Siva
G – Edgar Sosa
G – Jerry Smith
F – Terrence Jennings
F – Samardo Samuels

G – Peyton Siva
G – Preston Knowles
G – Jerry Smith
F – Terrence Jennings
F – Samardo Samuels

G – Peyton Siva
G – Jerry Smith
F – Jared Swopshire
F – Terrence Jennings
C –  Samardo Samuels

I wouldn’t even bee surprised if we saw…

G – Peyton Siva/ Edgar Sosa
G – Jerry Smith
F – Rakeem Buckles
F – Terrence Jennings
C – Samardo Samuels


G- Edgar Sosa
G- Jerry Smith
G- Reggie Delk
F- Terrence Jennings
F-  Samardo Samuels

Either way, look for Freshman Peyton Siva to come in and make an instant impact along with what UofL did this year with four or five guards that see significant playing time.  It’s hard to say how the four and five positions will turn out.  While Samardo has done a respectable job this year at center, I feel like Terrence Jennings has been nothing short of a beast down low and has seemed to be more ferocious than Samardo seemed at times.  Jennings is not afraid to get up in someone’s face and slap the ball away, simply put.  But, Samardo is the bigger body and will probably stay in the more traditional center role.  Look for Rakeem Buckles to make an immediate contribution to the Cardinals

Look for Rakeem Buckles to make an immediate contribution to the Cardinals.

Look for Rakeem Buckles to make an immediate contribution to the Cardinals.

Incoming Freshman Rakeem Buckles might see quite a bit of playing time off the bat as well. He’s very athletic, very big, and might be the answer to Terrence Williams’ departure.  ESPN.com describes buckles as a player who can play both power forward or a power wing.  UofL is going to need his athleticism and size to compete for the Big East title again.  With two freshman playing a lot of minutes, that could come back to haunt us though, especially with still-young players such as Jennings and Samuels having key roles as well.

Expect Reginald Delk to be utilized quite a bit.  He still might be our fifth best guard, but he’s not a bad guy to have on our team.  I expect him to have a more significant role on next years team.  Kyle Kuric is a solid shooter and expect George Goode to see more minutes as well.

It doesn’t really matter who starts at guard because like this past season, these guards are all going to see around 20 minutes a game as Pitino is constantly putting in rested players.  

In the end, this is really a tough situation to call.  Team Chemistry will play a major factor next year as some freshman are going to be expected to contribute immediately and there seems to be no clear cut leader on the court as of now.  Players that have started in the past may see different roles as Pitino has proven in the past, he will put the best player in.

Provided everything gels together, we may be in the hunt for a second straight Big East Championship, it’s not going to be easy though.  It never is.

Five Reasons Why Louisville Could Win The Tournament.


As a Louisville fan, it’s been very hard to not expect a lot from the Cardinals this March.  It’s also extremely scary to know that one missed shot, one bad play, or a few bad minutes could cost any team, including Louisville, the national title.  March is not an easy time to play, just take a look at the Sienna game on Sunday.  Every team comes out pumped up and hoping to cut down the nets at the end of the tournament.  The Cardinals have played in the shadows of other teams all year.  Pitt and UConn still seem to garner more attention than the Cardinals even after Louisville took both the Big East regular season and tournament titles.  ESPN will never mention any other program in the same breath as North Carolina or Duke, not even UCLA, UK or Kansas.  Even Kentucky seemed to make more headlines than UofL because of how bad they were playing.  UofL has been playing with something to prove all season, whether they had just beaten Pitt or lost to Western Kentucky, they’ve known that they’ve had something to prove.  While you must play one game at a time, you still have to keep your eye on the prize.  The Cards might not be the overall favorite even with the overall number-one seed, at least according to the national media.  Everyone seems to love the darling North Carolina Tar Heels this time of here, UConn might be the new favorite after blowing out the competition in their first two rounds.  Even Memphis and Oklahoma are turning a lot of heads, but there are a lot of reasons why Louisville has just as good of a shot as anyone else.  Five really, really good ones.  

1.  Fresh Legs

Louisville may have one of the best benches in the entire country.  Between Edgar Sosa, Andre McGee, Jerry Smith and Preston Knowles they can constantly put in rested players to perform that press that they’re known for.  Coach Pitino can even throw in three guards if he needs to to give Terrence Williams a rest.  While the story in the paint isn’t quite the same, Terrence Jennings isn’t a bad guy to have coming off of the bench, even for a freshman.  He can play in the four or the five position and he can maintain quality play while at least one of the big men are taking a breather.  As they showed through the Big East Tournament, they can simply wear teams and run away with the game in the second half.  Sosa, McGee, Smith and Knowles all average over 16 minutes per game.

2.  Defense

Those fresh legs that were just mentioned is the key to the Cardinals’ defensive ability.  The Cards have fresh players to press for the entire game and they can also switch back at half-court and play a pretty good 2-3 zone.  Statistically, they’re one of the top defensive teams in the country allowing just 61.7 points per game.  Back to the bench, they can have five quality defensive players on the floor at any given time and they’re not afraid to dive for balls, intercept passes and block shots.

3.  Location, Location, Location

The Cardinals opened up the tournament playing two games in Dayton, Ohio, a little over two hours from Louisville if you drive like a sane person.  For regional play, the Cardinals have an even better location in Indianapolis.  Just 114 miles from the ‘Ville, Indy is a very short drive, especially for UofL fans who are known to travel in large groups.  Arizona also went 2-9 when not playing at home throughout the regular season.  Provided the Cardinals advance to the Final Four, Detroit is about 6 hours away from Louisville.  Not quite as close as the other two venues but Cardinal fans would be more than willing to make a weekend trip to the Motor City and pack as many fans as they possibly can in Ford Field.

4.  Versatility

Louisville Kentucky Basketball

No other team in the country has a player like Terrence Williams.  He’s the most versatile player in the country, no questions asked.  While his stats aren’t particularly mind blowing in any category, he has high marks in nearly all of those categories.  With 12.7 points per game, 8.7 rebounds, 5 assists and 2.4 steals, he can do anything and everything on the hardwood.  If that’s not enough, he’s the team’s emotional leader and steps up when he needs to.  He’s cool, calm and collected but often wears a smile on his face and performs silly antics.  He goes out and enjoys playing the game.  He’s the reason Louisville is won the Big East and the reason they earned the top seed.

5.  Experience is Key

If experience is what it takes to win, the Cardinals definitely have it.  Their past two years in the tournament, they have advanced two games further each time.  They’ve seen every offensive and defensive set they could possibly see.  They’ve played the best competition in the country through their grueling Big East schedule.  Rick Pitino’s been to plenty of final fours and always seems to have his teams playing their best ball come tournament time.  The Juniors and Seniors in this group have now played in a total of eight NCAA tournament games.  They have just as much experience as any other team in this tournament and they’re as prepared as anyone else in this tournament.

There’s what they can do, now they just have to go out and do it.