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Siva, Tyler Make Parade Alll American Team

Two future Cardinals have been named to the Parade All American Team.  2009 commit Peyton Siva was named to the third team as 2010 commit Jeremy Tyler was named to the second team.

Peyton Siva, a 6’1″ guard out of Franklin High School in Seattle is expected to have an instant impact for the Cards next year.  Jeremy Tyler who is 6’11” is one of the best big men in the class of 2010 and should be another “diaper dandy” for the Cardinals in a couple of years.  The only other players of note to make the team was possible Kentucky commit DeMarcus Cousins who is expected to follow coach John Calipari from Memphis to the Wildcats.

I’m excited for Siva.  He’s small but he’s a tremendous athlete and he’s got some hops.  Make sure to check out the video below.

No Kentucky High School players were named to any of the four teams.

Tony Kornheiser and I Share A Very Similar Sense of Humor

Earlier, as an April Fools joke I posted an article about Pitino going to Arizona.  Well earlier today on PTI, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon opened their show with news that Rick Pitino had reportedly talked to Kentucky and told them that they wanted to come back.  Hilarious.  Not jut because of the joke but all of the underlying humor.  The fact that so many Kentucky fans think that UK could just get Rick Pitino at their own will.  Not True.  Enjoy everyone.

Breaking News: Pitino Named Next Coach At Arizona.


Rick Pitino will now be pacing the sidelines at Arizona.

Rick Pitino will now be pacing the sidelines at Arizona.

ESPN has reported that Rick Pitino will be the next coach at the University of Arizona after signing a 4 year deal worth $15 million to be what is ultimately considered as Lute Olson’s replacement as Russ Pennell, the outgoing interim coach who has not been asked to return for next season.

“Well, I sit before you here today letting you know that I am a basketball coach who likes to take on challenges,” Rick Pitino said in a press conference earlier today.  “And this is a challenge that I’m interested in taking.  Arizona has been Lute Olson’s team for a very long time and you saw the trouble they went through this year with him not being on the sidelines.  I would like the opportunity to take this team back to the top.”

This definitely comes as a surprise as many thought that this whole “Pitino to Arizona” thing was just a rumor, but not so surprising to others as many have claimed to have seen Rick Pitino’s wife to have been “house shopping” around the Tucson area in late march.

This also comes as a surprise to others as many never thought Rick Pitino would be interested in coaching at Arizona considering they were the team that beat him to win the 1997 national championship over Kentucky.  Many thought that he was happy at Louisville and would finish out his career there.  When asked about his leaving Louisville, Pitino almost seemed regrettable.

“It’s definitely been great at Louisville and I wouldn’t trade my years here for anything,” Pitino said, distraught.  “I’ve coached a lot of really good kids here and this place tremendous fans.  The fans here are from all walks of life and just some of the best in the country.  I’m going to miss it here.

When asked about a possible replacement after today’s press conference, Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich declined to comment that the university has anything in mind as far as possible replacements, but did have some kind words to say about Pitino.

“We certainly thought it would be a challenge for anyone to come in and replace Denny Crum,” Jurich said. “But when you bring in a guy like Rick Pitino, we didn’t miss a beat.  We certainly wish him the best at Arizona and hope that he remains happy with his future endeavors.”

This is really hard news to swallow for Louisville fans and players as there are a lot of disappointed people out there.

“I wish he was still my coach.  He was the guy who brought me here and I expected to play for him for four straight years but I guess sometimes people have to do what makes them happy,” said guard Edgar Sosa of Pitino.  “I wish him the best at Arizona.”

It’s just one heartbreak after another for Cardinals fans right now.  Three days after losing to Michigan State for the school’s second trip to the Final Four in five years, they have now lost their coach to a program that needs rebuilding.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  April Fools.

What to watch tonight


Purdue -vs- Connecticut, 7:07 PM, CBS

Purdue is playing some pretty good basketball right now, fresh off a Big Ten tourney title. But, UConn has breezed through their first few games and have their eye on the Final Four. Should be a good game as two of the top teams from two of the toughest conferences face off for a spot in the Elite 8.

Xaver -vs- Pittsburgh, 7:27 PM, CBS

Pitt has been struggling so far through the tournament but that hasn’t stopped anyone from expecting them to advance over Xavier. Xavier is a very good team. Don’t let some of their bad losses throughout the regular season fool you. Sean Miller and Co. know how to win in March and are hoping for a berth in the elite 8 for a second straight season.

Missouri -vs- Memphis, 9:37 PM, CBS

You know it’s going to be a good day in basketball if this is considered the second best game of the day.  Memphis is on a mission to complete what they nearly did last year, win a national title.  At the same time, Mizzou has been a force to be reckoned with and isn’t going to roll over for Memphis.  I actually have Missouri ultimately advancing to the Final Four.  Should be a very good game.

Villanova -vs- Duke, 9:57 PM, CBS

Last but certainly NOT least, in what has been one of the most anticipated games of the second weekend entire tournament, Scottie Reynolds and Villanova will take on the Blue Devils of Duke.  I heard some refer to Duke as “having a down year” and you must be a pretty good program to get a #2 seed in a down year.  Two tough teams from the two best conferences, two great coaches in Jay Wright and Mike Kryzcksikdski Krzyzewski (pronounced Sha-Shef-Ski), all for a spot in the Elite 8.  It doesn’t get much better than this, baby.

Miami Heat @ Chicago Bulls, 8:00 PM, TNT
Phoenix Suns @ Portland Trailblazers, 10:30 PM, TNT

If you’re one of those hardcore Card fans that don’t really care about college basketball when Louisville isn’t playing than switch the channel over to TNT where tonights NBA Doubleheader includes a couple of decent games between some potential playoff teams.  Is Greg Oden healthy?  Because I’d really love to see him take it to Shaq, you know, physically.  I’m a horrible comedian.

The Office, 9:00 PM, NBC
30 Rock , 9:30 PM, NBC 

In what might be televisions best sitcom currently, Michael uses his last two weeks at the job to goof off.  This is my Tony Kornheiser-ish attempt to tell you what to watch tonight that has absolutely nothing to do with sports.  On 30 Rock, Jack’s 50th birthday sends him tripping down memory lane.